Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Fun!

This semester in school, I'm in a class where I have to go to a school & work under a mentor teacher. See how things go & make sure this is the right field for me! 
So this previous Monday, I went to my assigned school & got put in a KINDERGARTEN classroom! I can't even contain my excitement you guys! Seriously, I love it. My College Professor told us we'd probably only be there thirty minutes or so.. I was there two whole hours! I just loved it so much I didn't want to leave! 
I was very shocked & pleased, these kindergarteners are reading! Not just sight words, they're reading books to the classroom, counting 1-100, counting my 10's, counting by 5's. I was so amazed by how different it was when I was in kindergarten. 

So, today I'm going back to the classroom for my very first Valentine's Day Party not as a student! I decided to do something for the kiddos that wasn't personal with their names or mine (especially since I don't know all their names yet!) 
I found this ADORABLE Minion template off of pinterest that I printed out & spent about 30 minutes cutting out. I bought the twinkies (Which I was shocked were $4/box & each box came with 10....) 
Obviously I don't get out much! haha. 

So if you're running low on ideas, here's the template. 


  1. i have a missionary and chile & this is going in his next package. haha. thanks for the idea! love the blog.