Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 Rules A Woman Should Live By

Like any other girl, I'm obsessed with Pinterest..
I came across this pin that is absolutely fabulous & made me so happy to see.

20 Things A Woman Should Live By:

1. Men are an amazing part of life, but they are in no way the be all and end all of life.
2. It's okay to admit that you're young, fab and NOT broke. Celebrate your success.
3. Don't waste time crying over little boys who talk too much. Some day you will find the one and then all that happens in between will just seem like bullshit. Some will be hot and unforgettable bullshit, but nontheless bullshit. 
4. It's okay to be 22 or even 32 or 42 and not know what you want to be when you grow up.
5. Many people will try to judge your spending life style habits, don't let it get to you. It's your life, your money and no one else's business.
6. If you life being single, it's okay to admit that. Maybe you like being alone. Maybe you like just dating and hooking yo. Guys like these things and the world has no problem with it. 
7. In business it's likely that men twice your age with half your brain capacity will be making triple the money that you do. Work hard anyways, never give up, you are the brain and voice of tomorrow. 
8. Your parents already lived a bulk of their life. It's time to start living yours. It is possible to both respect them and be happy. Sometimes they may get mad at your choices, make those choices anyway. They love you and will eventually come around. 
9. It's okay to order extra cheese on your fries and not go to the gym after. 
10. No matter how old you are by number, never forget what it feels like to be young and alive.
11. People are always going to talk, so just do your thing. You may as well give them something to talk about.
12. Having one too many shots with your girlfriends on a Saturday night doesn't make you an alcoholic, it just means you're having a good time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is jealous. You work hard all week and deserve time to get your party on.
13. Don't keep company with those who constantly compare themselves to you. Keep company with those who love you for you and enhance your life.
14. If you can't find your prince, there is nothing wrong with enjoying kissing all the wrong frogs.
15. Live your life for you; not your parents, not a man, not your friends. It is the only way you'll ever truly be happy. 
16. You're never too old to learn something new.
17. In your life you will wind up with a select few friends who are more like your soul mates. Cherish them, they'll be the ones around when the party is over.
18. You're going to make mistakes; the wrong career, wrong major, wrong boyfriend. Everything happens for a reason. You'll learn something, recover and come back better than ever.
19. Live each day with no regrets. Don't fret over the past, even the bad parts shape us for the future.
20. Share the list with other young women you love.

Note; None of this is from me. I just love how straight forward and awesome it is. 
It made me smile and made my day that much better. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle.

Well y'all! Finals are finally over! & this was my best semester yet!!! I'm so proud of myself. Such a good feeling to actually have a break.. 
Any who's! Last night, my lovely momsy & I headed out to a paint party! We went to this restaurant in Choctaw, under Tipsy Artist & painted super cute Santa's! 'Tis the season! 
We were given a stencil to get the main features in the right places. Tipsy wanted our mustaches right under the nose, but I wanted my nose to be sort of hidden! Hey I paid for this I'll paint how I want! Ha! So I took a few pictures along the way that I'd like to share! 
And finished product! Wah lah! 
I love painting! It was so fun & you get to bring out your creative side! 

We had a blast & we can't wait to do another one! 
I hope everyone's soaking in all the Festiveness since Christmas is a week away!!!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Making Changes

 So a lot of things are going on right now.. 
And some changes have been made.
I have put my trust in the Lord & I know he has plans for me.

As for now, I don't understand why things happen the way that they do but I have no doubt that He knows what He is doing. He knows I am strong enough and can handle everything he throws at me..

All I know is I just need my girlfriends, family and my Heavenly Father. 
Although it is finals week at school, I will prevail. 
 With that being said, I would appreciate (if you're reading this) if you could say a short prayer for me. 

Desirae Dear, 
Just know your Savior has great plans for you. He will give you everything you'll ever need. He will never give you anything you can't handle. He will always love you and forgive you. He has nothing short of amazing planned for you. Never doubt what He has planned for you. 

Love, yourself

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where'd November go?

So I seemed to have totally just skipped over November.. Or so it seems like it! 
Things on my side of town have been pretty hectic the past several weeks & it isn't going to lighten up for another week or two! 
With that being said, finals are next week. I'm happy but yet sad at the same time.. mainly because who LIKES finals!? I'd assume nobody.. Especially when your math professor makes your exam comprehensive from the whole semester... Wamp wamp wampppp. 
But on the bright side, I'd have to say this has been my best semester yet. 

To recap on why I've been gone, I'll give you a few pinpoints.
Well for one, my cousin/boss had her first baby. Sweetest little thing I've ever seen.
Two, I was pretty sick for about two weeks, not anything bad but enough to where I couldn't see the baby until he was two weeks old.. 
(Sometimes I still cough, even now.)
Three, Thanksgiving was last week!! Talk about delicious. This year I only had one thanksgiving when usually I have 2-3. (But my gut isn't complaining!)
And four, J's brother got MARRIED this previous weekend! 
It was so much fun to see J's sister and niece this past weekend since they were in for the wedding. Okay, okay. I claim her as my sister, too. :)

The wedding was a blast! It couldn't have been more perfect. J was a groomsman, so after rehearsal dinner Friday night he headed out with the boys. The next day most of us gals helped set up and it took many pieces of pizza, achy feet, and lots of soda pop to get it all done. With only thirty minutes to go take a shower and get all dressed up, I think we looked pretty snazzy! 
J & I danced the night away. Seriously, you could not get us off of that dance floor. It was so much fun. I'm ready for another wedding! 

But for now, I have many many things I should be doing for school but here I am blogging.. 
Procrastination at its best.
I procrastinate because then I'll be older, therefore wiser... Hopefully..