Monday, September 30, 2013

Change- Pt 1.

I've made a few MAJOR changes in my life the past couple of weeks. Some are small changes while some are some big changes that are determining my successfulness in the future. One of those small changes was I bought my own little Mini Truck. (Yes I call her Mini Truck.)

Mini Truck used to belong to my granny. The Ol' Pops said it's time to buy my first vehicle so here we go! In a couple of years, after I graduate, I'll buy what I really want.. An SUV! 

Another change was I chopped off most of my hair.. Big change. Last time I had short hair was my sophomore year in high school... Hated it. I decided I was ready for something new. I didn't want to do something drastic and dye it red like a lot of people... So I decided to chop it. It feels SOOO much better. 99% Sure most of my hear was dead. Split ends on ends on ends. You get the point. 

Left: After, Right: Before
(Also a change, veneers on my front two teeth.)
Jacob is obsessed. He loves it. Which has helped me grow fond of the fact my hair is super short now. I was a little upset at first because it was shorter than I wanted/expected but I love the way it turned out!

Veneers: I've been wanting these bad boys since I was probably ten! When I was a wee child, I bumped my head (pretty hard) & somehow busted a nerve in my tooth. Hence the yellow tent you can see. Totally embarrassing. I thought people thought I was nasty & never brushed my teeth when in reality I did more times a day than you can count! Jansen reassured me people were more worried of my opinion on them for them to worry about my teef. 
Very pleased with the result though. 

Here's just a photo of us for fun with our niece Nora Claire at Jacob's dad's wedding reception! Sweetest baby girl around. (Not lying.) Can you tell I like that dress?
My future S.I.L./Friend Over at Sweet Bee Boutique's sweet little baby. Jansen makes the cutest bows & crowns for your sweet little one. Or even you! I do tend to rock a Sweet Bee Boutique Bow every now & then! 

Pt. 2 coming soon!